About Us

In 1987, our 30-m2 workshop started with only Maltepe painters and today we are serving our 930 m2 production facility, the most famous painters and students who have devoted themselves to painting and art.

Ozcan Gencer Art has pioneered the sector with the quality journey that has progressed with the aim of unconditional service and customer satisfaction.

In addition to being a pioneer artistic product producer in Turkey, we are working more and more every day in the world in order to have a say in the field.

For us, everything starts with quality. We are serving all over Turkey and around the world with all the professional staff we have set up to produce “the best quality product in the shortest time at the best price”.

Since 1987 we have been offering our customers “unlimited warranty”. We guarantee the future of your works ”

We have a sub-structure that can produce all kinds of frame , canvas frames ,chassis and easel by imagined and designed by our artists who do not fit with constant measurements and narrow molds.

We are working to meet all the needs of our artists and to serve the art of Turkish painting …

As a reference, We can show the painting departments of all the private and state universities in Turkey ,State painting sculpture museum and Turkish Republic presidency .restoration unit . and also as a referance can show Turkey’s and the world’s most distinguished painters, art galleries, auctions, artistic stationeries, collectors and painting courses.

“Every product that has our stamp on it is guaranteed for an indefinite period of time.”